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Practice Permission

Permission for Spring Athletic Practice
  • Spring Athletic Practice
    Starting Tuesday, March 23rd Legacy will be hosting Tuesday afternoon athletic practices to develop basic volleyball and basketball skills.  Practice will be held from 3:30-5:00 each Tuesday according to the schedule below. 

    March 23rd  Volleyball (girls only)

    March 30th  Basketball (boys & girls)

    April 6th  Volleyball

    April 13th  Basketball

    April 20th  Volleyball

    April 27th  Basketball

    May 4th  Volleyball

    May 11th  Basketball


    This is open to 2nd-4th grade Legacy students.  This will be practice only and will not include outside competition. 

    The cost to participate is $20.  This money will be used to help purchase jerseys for the teams next year.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Taylor.

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  • I give my son/daughter permission to participate in Legacy sports practice.

    I waive and release any and all employees of Legacy Academy and First Baptist Church for any and all damages which may be sustained and suffered by my child in connection with our association with this activity. If any injury should occur during athletic practice, I agree to pay all costs, present and future, through my medical insurance policy and/or personal finances. I agree not to sue Legacy Academy or its employees.  The sponsoring instructor(s) and/or staff are hereby given permission to administer emergency first aid if needed.   

    By submitting this form, I understand and accept the conditions set forth.

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