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Our goal at Legacy Preschool is to nurture the "whole child" in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development. Through Christian principles and teacher-assisted and directed activities, children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and life-long learners.

We believe that all children are precious gifts created in the image of God, and that our purpose, through nurturing, hands-on, and play-based learning, is to help each child realize and develop their unique God given gifts. 

School is a place where loving relationships matter. Our small class sizes allow us to know each child well. We believe this nurturing and relationship based approach to learning is key to the social, emotional, spiritual, and academic growth that allows our preschoolers to thrive while with us. 

All children have an innate desire to seek out new learning experiences and do so through active play and interaction with their peers. Since all children develop at their own rate, it is our responsibility to provide learning opportunities which address the individual physical, spiritual, social, cognitive, and language skills necessary for independence and appropriate development. Through interesting, challenging, and age-appropriate activities, the children at Legacy flourish and grow.


What does tuition cover?

Tuition covers all supplies and includes breakfast, lunch and a snack (if you are at our Academy campus, you will be required to pack a lunch as we do not have access to a kitchen at that campus).

 If your little one is not potty-trained, you are required to provide diapers and wipes. 

Do you have a part-time program?

We do not have a part-time program. However, if a parent wants to keep their little one home throughout the week, they are able to. Our fees do not change based on attendance and there is no required minimum attendance. 

Does my child have to be potty-trained?

All children who are three must be fully potty trained. 

If they are turning three before January of that enrollment year, they must also be fully potty trained. 

Preschool Application and Enrollment Process 

If you are interested in enrolling your little on in our preschool, please call us at 417-336-2139 to place your little one on the waitlist. Our preschool admissions team starts making calls around March to schedule family interviews and facility tours. You are welcome to call at any time to make sure you are still on our list or ask for an update. 

After you have gone through the interview, our Preschool Director and team will make final decisions on enrollment. All admissions decisions are based on wanting to ensure that our school is a good fit for the child and be a place of thriving and growth. 

Legacy Preschool is unable to provide services for children with special needs. If it is discovered that special
services are needed, it is at the discretion of the director to assist the family in finding alternative services
for their child. It is the heart of our school and staff to make sure all of our children thrive in an
environment best suited for the child. We understand that Legacy may not accommodate all children.
All newly enrolled children are on a 30-day trial basis. Legacy Preschool reserves the right to terminate
enrollment at any time for any reason.


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