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Legacy Academy, founded in 1992, was established to give families a private school option in the greater Branson area
that is as committed to academic excellence as it is to Christ-centered living and learning.


We have a rich history spanning over 30 years that started with our preschool at FBC Branson. 7 years ago the pastor, preschool director, and parents in the community faced the two sobering realities: (1) their children would spend 15,000 hours in school by the end of the Preschool-12 experience and (2) innumerable American kids are not returning to churches in adulthood. 

They believed the pattern was clear. Christian parents needed to take back their God-given responsibility as the first educators within that 15,000 hours of education. So, they banded together and stepped out in faith with a time-tested model of education that has been sweeping the American Christian community. They thought an ancient Christian education emphasizing soul formation, which existence spans over a millennium, would more faithfully pass on the baton of faith to their children (see Notre Dame's “Good Soil Report” that examines life outcomes of ACCS graduates). Thus, they started the long yet dependable journey by adding a grade each year using Classical Christian Education, implemented the incredible Memoria Curriculum, and joined ACCS (Association of Classical Christian Schools) and CLSA (Classical Latin School Association).

After passing over one hundred and seventy-five students in 2020, the school decided it was time to fully move out of the church building. One anonymous donor from the church gave us $300,000 to help us during this transition. We found the perfect 11-acre location able to house under one roof our large preschool, our current K-8 academy, and coming high school. Now, we unified the two campuses and started the 2023-24 school year with over two hundred students in our new home!

A Look Back


Future Vision for Legacy

In a history-defining moment for American education, God has given us “such a time as this” to make our stance in education (Esther 4:14). Families and churches in the Branson area seeking to disciple their children are realizing that their students must possess the mind of Christ to stand strong in the face of constant cultural shifts. Legacy Academy’s founding coalition of parents started with the purpose realized they needed to reach back into the ancient Christian tradition that dated prior to the new experimental methods in our modern schools to cultivate this mind of Christ.

ACCREDITATION: Thus, we sought membership with the largest organization for Classical Christian Schools, namely ACCS, and Memoria Press’s Classical Christian Curriculum. We are not alone in this classical and Christian education; ACCS now has nearly 500 schools in America. We believe (along with the many other godly parents in America joining this movement) that this approach now, more than ever, addresses the profound challenges our culture presents, so much so, that are in the process of becoming accredited with ACCS. Our goal over the next decade is to become a trusted leader in Classical Christian Education, by being a premier program in the Ozarks and a pillar of the Branson Community.  Legacy Academy is dedicated to the Classical Christian model and actively engaged in the Classical Christian community.

PARENTS: Legacy's goal to continue to be a hub of a vibrant Christian community for families that are fully engaged in the Classical Christian Education model. Our desire is for Legacy families to be comprised of parents who understand the interwoven relationship between discipleship and education as it relates to their children and are willing to make sacrifices to ensure it is accomplished, whether its gifts of finances or time.

STUDENTS: The student body is to be characterized as being joyful, possessing a love of learning, and accepting of challenges both academically and in life. These young men and women will graduate as lifelong learners with a deep devotion to Jesus, and possess the ability to think critically and communicate clearly the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ.

EDUCATORS: Legacy Academy will be the choice employer for educators that are committed to the Classical Christian Educational model. The faculty and staff will be composed of education professionals, that are committed to partnering with Legacy families for the discipleship, education, and development of their children.

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES This institute, of course, has matured throughout its years, but now faces its greatest crossroads. As we reflected on God’s moments in the past and coming challenges in recent years we have sought to clarify our strategic priorities for our future as a classical Christian school. While day-to-day excellence in keeping with our vision and mission is our ongoing focus with our community of classical Christian schools, parents, students, and education, we also have a few key strategic priorities we are working on over the next three to five years: seeking to refurbish our beautiful, safe, and energy efficient home campus, ensuring enduring academic excellence in both rigor and joy by hiring, honoring, and retaining teachers who commit to long-term labors of love and professional excellence, stepping confidently into Legacy's institutional adulthood by smoothly transitioning programs, positions, and culture to welcome the coming School of Rhetoric (i.e. High School), and preserving Christ-centered school and family culture by providing scholarships to retain and attract mission-fit families that need financial assistance.

Please consider co-laboring with us as we move forward in this historic moment in America and our school. May the Lord bless you.