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Legacy LIONS

Physical Education
We are committed to a Biblical anthropology that understands as human beings we bear God’s image. We believe that the training our physical body is an essential component to a holistic approach to human development. Our athletic program begins long before our students ever step into the arena of athletic competition through one of our school-sponsored sport teams. Beginning in kindergarten, our physical education program focuses on overall physical fitness through developing gross motor skills such as balance, coordination, speed, agility, flexibility, strength, power, quickness, and overall endurance. As children progress through our Grammar School towards Logic School we scaffold our physical education program to further develop the athletic potential in each student.

Sports Teams
Legacy athletic teams seek to support families and their student athletes as they compete in team and individual competitions. The coaching staff is committed to giving each athlete guidance throughout the season, encouraging Christ-like character and conduct on and off the court/field.  We strive to be our very best in all that we do, working hard to honor our Lord. We want to win, and we will work hard to win, but we recognize that shaping hearts and impacting lives is much more important than getting wins.  Our desire is for Legacy Athletics to be a gathering of like-minded parents, students and coaches who understand the proper place that athletics has in the overall education of a child and in our community.  Current athletic teams include:

  • Girls and Boys Volleyball
  • Girls and Boys Basketball
  • Cross-Country
  • Golf
  • Archery

Click here to view the 2023-24 Athletic Calendar

Student athletics
Student athletics
Student athletics
Student athletics

Athletics serve as a forum for the test and exercise of virtue in the world. As an intense competition limited in duration, an athletic contest serves as a test of character, mind and body, exposing both weaknesses and strengths. Participation in athletics produces a host of benefits, including physical fitness, emotional health, mental stamina, growth in leadership and teamwork, and improvements in strength and endurance. — A Place for Sparta in Athens: A Philosophy of Athletics in Classical Education