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A Legacy education seeks the ultimate goal of shaping truly good and virtuous people — building character, instilling virtue, and cultivating a beautiful wonder to create inquisitive minds ready to apply the knowledge and wisdom they acquire in their K-12 education towards endeavors they choose to pursue not just when they graduate but all throughout their lives. Excellent standardized test scores, national rankings, and top scholarships are not the goal, but rather the biproduct of a truly classical, distinctly Christian, and fully integrated Education.


We have been there. Hidden convenience fees, unknown costs, and other expenses are hard to anticipate. It is because of this that have tried to eliminate and minimize the miscellaneous fees and costs associated with application and enrollment. Below is a list of the fees and expenses you can expect.

Curriculum Fee (Non-Refundable)
Curriculum fee for books and materials is $550.00 per year.  

Curriculum Payment
After receiving an acceptance call/letter, families are required to pay the curriculum fee within five business days of acceptance notification. For all returning families, the curriculum fee is due by May 31st. 

Tuition for the 2023-24 school year is $4,200.

Tuition Payment
One payment of $4,200.00 due September 1st
Two payments of $2,100.00 due September 1st and February 1st
Ten payments of $420.00 due by the 15th of each month August 15th – May 15th.

Legacy Parent Counsel Fee (LPC Dues) 
One payment of $20 to support the efforts of the parents hosting activities throughout the year.

After School Co-Curricular Activities 
All optional activities such as semi-private piano lessons, athletics, late-shift lyceum, tutoring, cooking course, and more require a one-time fee for the semester. NOTE: We also have emergency one-day payment option for early care and late-shift lyceum.

Sibling Discount
For families with more than one child, we offer a 10% discount towards each additional child. After the first student, each child after pays 90% of the tuition fees.


A classical Christian education is life transforming and Legacy would like for every child to be able to receive a classical Christian education. Legacy does offer a limited scholarship program to parents who may be temporarily struggling financially. We use the FACTS Aid Assessment system to determine financial aid needs for our families. This system objectively evaluates confidentially submitted information in order to determine the amount of aid necessary. 

Click here for Scholarship Application

Providing financial aid is only possible because of the generous support of our parents and patrons.  Information on our scholarship fund is located on the Support Legacy page