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Fine Arts

Fine arts are a vital part of Legacy Academy, where we believe the pursuing the arts encourages our students to seek wholeheartedly after the Source of all truth, goodness, and beauty. Students who participate in art and music have the opportunity to develop self-discipline, a desire for excellent, creativity and imagination, confidence, and a deep lasting appreciation for beauty.

The art curriculum provides a foundation of art that imparts knowledge, teaches skills, and fosters ingenuity through a biblical perspective while developing and encouraging God-given talents to their fullest potential. Studies of art from many cultures, periods, and specific artist style will inspire students to develop artwork that brings honor and glory to Jesus Christ. Students will explore problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative expression through a wide range of fine art using various materials. A biblical-based studio art program will offer an appreciation of the visual arts through engaging relevant lessons that meet the needs of all students.

Music at Legacy is a "special" that serves to better prepare our students to perceive and understand the beautiful expression of God’s creation and to express themselves musically in creative ways. Students learn music through movement, the history of sacred music and Psalms, basic music theory, and vocal pedagogy in choral ensembles. 


In classical education, students study musical and dramatic works throughout their years at Legacy. They practice public speaking skills through poetry recitations, dramatic readings, debate, and classroom presentations and have the opportunity to participate in drama. Musical theater integrates music literacy, voice, acting, and dance and offers a creative approach for students to think, communicate, and achieve while engaging and enriching the broader community. As art mimics both the beauty reflective of the Lord’s creation and the reality of the imperfection introduced by sin, so does dramatic art strive to truthfully imitate the good and evil inherent in humanity.  The purpose of the dramatic arts at Legacy is to teach students to understand and appreciate the faithful reproduction of what is beautiful and true in the world.  Drama does this particularly by allowing students to examine human interaction — both with itself and with truths of Christianity.

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