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SERVICE in action

Loving our neighbor is a commandment we at Legacy Academy take to heart, both in our day-to-day interactions within our community and going outside of our doors to serve others. We strive to consistently serve at many of the same organizations in order to better know our neighbors and their needs. Through these relationships, we hope to bring Christ to others and form stronger bonds within the greater Branson community. Beyond this, students are regularly engaging in personal volunteer commitments through their churches and other community organizations. Through these acts on behalf of others, students discover humility. They discover love in action. And they become ministers of God’s grace to the world!

In a world dedicated to increasing individualized screen time (even within education), we at Legacy seek a different way of life that involves real-life engagement in the community. If we want to be the sort of people that know truth, love goodness, and reflect beauty, then we must do this outside of our screens, off our campus, and amongst the people God placed in our lives. Thus, we are seeking to actualize this vision now.

We are seeking to have three field trips and one service project a year for our School of Grammar and School of Logic students. In other words, we desire off campus time once a quarter. A service project for a Kindergartener might look very different than 8th grade student’s service project. We would continue the pattern of taking a quarterly trip until we gain our high school grades.  It is clear that engaging the community is essential for discipleship, scholarship, citizenship, and entrepreneurship.



Our School of Rhetoric will start in the 2025-26 school year with 9th grade, at this time our community engagement expands to a new maturation as our students enter a new stage of life.  We will look towards trips that are farther away and require more time at those locations. Our aim is at least one international trip for our coming seniors. Moreover, we will work to engage the community in junior and senior years that help us understand the common good in entrepreneurship, economics, civics, and ministries within the greater Branson community.