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Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer Students

What if my student has never taken Latin?
I am interested in enrolling a student who has never studied Latin. How do you help prepare students to join their grade in Latin?
This is not a problem! We have many students who come to Legacy with no prior study in Latin. Younger students adapt very quickly as we integrate Latin slowly. Older students benefit from slowly building skills without the pressure of expecting the same as others studying it longer. We even have additional Latin tutoring available if necessary!

What is your homework policy?
Legacy is committed to partnering with parents in every aspect of their child's education. Legacy is thus dedicated to a thoughtful understanding of what work students complete outside of class, why they do it, and the necessary support required from parents. A classical Christian education requires commitment and hard work from students. Legacy’s curriculum is rigorous and our academic expectations are high.  However, meeting this challenge will produce a disciplined scholar who will be ready to impact the world.  This is a reward that will last a lifetime. Parents should understand that homework is not assigned for the sake of simply doing more, or work given on the assumption that significant quantities of work is equivalent to academic rigor.  See more about our homework policy here.

What if my student has never been enrolled in a Classical School?
We recognize that not every child comes from this rich background of Classical Christian education. So, we are ready to make a pathway to integrate students from homeschool, Christian school, and public school backgrounds with gentleness and grace. We will make an individuated plan for your student to ensure they have a successful experience with our rich curriculum!

Does Legacy accept transfer students above 6th grade? 
Absolutely! During our enrollment interview process, we will work through an academic assessment and a personal interview to best individualize the transfer process.

Do you accept mid-year transfer students?
If we have availability, we gladly accept mid-year transfers.